MARTABAT in Biru Telang

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We've been taught to find inspiration in global products, striving for top-notch quality in everything from fashion to health and wellness. Yet, it's often surprising to discover that our local creations are equally outstanding, exceeding our expectations.

This collaboration serves as a celebration and source of pride for our entirely local production, created by "orang kita" (our own people). In the realm of fashion, we've meticulously woven this intricate design, incorporating local and traditional elements that hold deep significance. This pays homage to the lush tropical surroundings, exquisite arts, and distinctive architecture that define our beloved Malaysia. This dedication mirrors Jamu Tun Teja's commitment to improving your wellness journey. Just as their lifestyle supplement is diligently researched and made from Malaysia's abundant natural resources, so too is our creation.

In homage to Malaysia's 66th Independence celebration, we are introducing the Martabat collection that weaves through the richness of culture, arts, and health, seamlessly infused exclusively for you. Martabat is available in 3 colours with the variant of shawl and square.

What's included in the Martabat bundle box?

  • 1 piece of Martabat collection.
  • 1 pack of Jamu Pack.
  • 1 booklet of Martabat Jamu.
  • 1 exclusive and customized postcard with Martabat print.

The Martabat collection will be elegantly packaged in a hard box featuring an exclusive sleeve design inspired by the Martabat print. Additionally, this collection includes the timeless ALHUMAIRA gold metal tag.

Material : Callissa Velvet Chiffon.

Width : 70 cm est.
Length : 180 cm est.

Width : 115 cm est.
Length : 115 cm est.

1. Actual colours may vary slightly from your device's display due to settings and lighting. We at Alhumaira have taken all necessary measures to ensure an accurate representation of the products.

2. Natural characteristics of the material may result in the presence of fine lines near the seam.

Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.

Customer Reviews

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Hana Rashid

Saya sangat sukakan fabric yg di gunakan utk tudung 9.5/10 . Tapi 1 masalahnya ialah saya nak order bawal tapi terrrr order shawl. Tapi kain sangat2 besttt.

Noraini Mahyuddin

The materials so nice & easy to style.

Nur Rasyidah Kamadi

MARTABAT in Biru Telang

Marina Rosmadi

Love it