ALHUMAIRA - Mesmerising Simplicity

ALHUMAIRA first opened doors in 2010 and has since then grown to be at the forefront of the Malaysian online Muslimah fashion industry since the launch of its blog shop. ALHUMAIRA's vision is to deliver comfortable, high fashion ready-to-wear hijabs to consumers at an affordable price. 
Today, ALHUMAIRA takes pride in being the top choice for discerning Muslim women in modest fashion around the world. 
New ALHUMAIRA collections are launched regularly every week and are eagerly anticipated by the Muslimah fashion industry which entices loyal and new customers alike. ALHUMAIRA strives on immaculate craftsmanship and has become a work culture here at ALHUMAIRA that reflects on our products. Our in-house design team selects only the best fabrics from around the world to create fashion items that are second to none in production quality which combines international taste and local flair.
ALHUMAIRA interprets Muslimah fashion in an alluring way by encouraging customers to use their imagination, combine collections, and create their own personal style. We at ALHUMAIRA love what we do and are excited for you to experience our products.