Alhumaira Pinktober, a limited edition collection designed to express the appreciation and admiration towards the tenacity of the fighters and survivors with the motives of Carnation, Rose, and Jasmine that personify femininity.

PINKTOBER in Graceful Ivory

Heart blooms with hope.

Allows you to style your look in your best fit with utmost comfort and premium look.

PINKTOBER in Divine Ivory

Roar for the cure.

We always believe that breast cancer survivors and fighters are tough yet tender.

PINKTOBER in Resilient Pink

Pink is stronger than you think!

To give you the exquisite look, we give you Premium valencia satin which undeniably comfortable and easy to style!

PINKTOBER in Glorious Pink

 I Pink I can!

Blooming beautifully in the space of blossoming flowers, fragrancy bubbles, and therapeutics fizzing bathbombs.