Long gone is the stigma where men become the sole breadwinner while women devote themselves to home affairs. The journey to receive the recognition we have now was not easy and we have our unwavering ancestors to thank that for. Day by day we're witnessing women breaking through barriers and we are all for that.  

We all know Yuna, who drew our heartstrings as she belts out her R&B tunes making great debut even in the United States. And who can forget when the fashion world was shaken by the Somalian beauty Halima Aden. She was the first hijabi model signed under the globally acclaimed modeling agency, IMG Models. She walked for the likes of Yeezy, Max Mara and we witnessed her adorning magazine covers everywhere. Then we have our national dazzler Arinna Erin, who graced the face of Nike with her collaboration with the brand's first ever modest swimwear line, the Victory Swim collection.

From left: Yuna credit to @rqbiskndr, Halima Aden, Arinna Erin

The accomplishments of this once oppressed gender is staggering to say the least. So much so that if we were to list down each, a book would not suffice. 

Despite the graceful demeanour we put on, one can't deny the struggles hijabi women face daily. It's disturbing really, to get asked 'Don't you feel hot under those layers you're wearing?' or 'Is it really comfortable to don a hijab in this weather?'. The answer is simple. Yes, it can be pretty uncomfortable at times. Especially residing in a country where the sun just never shies away. But the hijab is an expression of who we are. It's neither a representation for oppression, rather a crown we behold with pride. It's a symbol of never ending devotion to Allah S.W.T. A divine relationship inexplicable for words to utter.

It doesn't and shouldn't stop us from achieving the impossible. Lucky for us, the world is continuously modernizing and innovating. So we're seeing more and more hijab brands producing the finest products for the comfort of these hijabi women. So it all boils down to that; finding what goes and fits you best. Shop here for Alhumaira's collection of inners and hijabs. If we can see other women proving the status quo wrong everyday, so can us. With the right intention(s), dedication and blessing from Allah S.W.T. we can do anything. 

At the end of the day, we are all as much of a woman as she who stands next. No less or more. Just a piece of veil we call the hijab that differentiates us. And as women, we share the same vision.    

May 24, 2022 — Dinah Hafidz