STELLA in Dusty Aqua
STELLA in Dusty Aqua
STELLA in Dusty Aqua
STELLA in Dusty Aqua

STELLA in Dusty Aqua

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In a time where things are on the move constantly, we sure do wish to have everything at the tip of our fingers. From having our food prepared to even our outfit coordinated. Well, we're here to make one of those wishes come true! Styling our hijab might take longer than we know but not with Stella! This fan favourite instant hijab is attached with an inner promising everlasting comfort and ease of time with no compromise to style! We've also added an extra length for greater style and neater seams!
Made with high quality rose twill crepe, Stella is breathable, highly absorbent while still gives off Alhumaira's signature drapes. Most importantly, Stella is ironless! Comes in 31 arrays of colours for every day of your wardrobe!
Material : Rosy Twill Crepe.
Front Length: 65cm est.
Inner : Free Size

Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.