RIJA in Mocha Brown

RIJA in Mocha Brown

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Your favourite and most comfortable instant hijab is back! The newest RIJA collection has been redesign to fill your needs better. Rija Instant Hijab is an instant hijab made of high quality Stretchable Viscose fabric that is cooling, and is not easily cling to the body. With the quality of the fabrics that Alhumaira have imported from Korea is sure to make you feel comfortable all the time. Besides from the high quality fabric, the stitches are also tidy, neat and good quality so your instant hijab will last longer! Every hijab women will need a comfortable hijab for daily activities. With Rija Instant Hijab this is perfect, easy and able to give you comfort throughout the day. There are 13 exciting and exclusive colour choices await you! So do not miss the opportunity to have Rija Instant Hijab that is very comfortable and exclusive from ALHUMAIRA!


Material : High Quality Stretchable Viscose.
Length from Chin : 40cm est.
Rear Length : 70cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.

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