MAHARANI Shawl in Hijau Saloma

MAHARANI Shawl in Hijau Saloma

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It’s the luxury of Raya we love and it’s here! The queen of queens, we introduce Maharani. We pay homage to the beautiful Malay heritage with embellishments of intricate wood carvings reminding us of our well missed ‘Kampung’. This, accompanied by flourishing blooms of peonies. Maharani, wonderfully represents the pride of our cultural heritage and best suited for the Raya mood. The elegant art, printed on exclusive Yoryu silk crepe, highlighting Maharani’s majestic value. It is soft, flowy and elegantly promises the beautiful drapes. Maharani is available in 5 classy colours in shawl and square scarf too!

MAHARANI Shawl in Hijau Saloma - The combination of opposites, yet creating a hue of beauty from the deep green with orange and pink tones from the peonies. Great for a look that enhances the primadona side of you.

Material : Exclusive Yoryu Silky Crepe.

Width : 70 cm est.
Length : 180 cm est.

Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.