LAUREL in Blush Pearwood


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As carefree and as free spirited as they can be. A great dedication to the beauty of nature we constantly dismiss. Laurel is a kind homage to remind us of beauty in the simplest things. To have great esteem in nature's serenity and joy it subtly emanates for simply being.

Designed with intricate veins of the Laurel leaves on the luscious pearl crepe chiffon material, we uphold its elegant drapes and unparalleled comfort. The Laurel collection comes for shawl and square scarf to commend its evident versatility in 5 tranquil colours.
LAUREL in Blush Pearwood - The harmonious blend of green and brown is a vivid emblem to the rich essence of Malaysia's forest. Notwithstanding, it plays a great versatility to your outfit for its soothing aura.
Material : Pearl Crepe Chiffon.
Width : 115 cm est.
Length : 115 cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.