LANA in Tropical Mint

LANA in Tropical Mint

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Lana Printed Shawl is a long shawl with floral & abstract patterns. It is made of high quality Pearl Chiffon fabrics where Alhumaira specially imported from Korea. The Pearl Chiffon fabric is also very soft, flowy & easy to shape, so it's very easy for you to match it with different types of styles you want. Grew tired of always wearing plain shawl, so now let's try new style with these exclusive shawls! You can match Lana Printed Shawl with your plain or outfits that does not have excessive pattern. Certainly your appearance will look more beautiful, graceful & sweet with this Lana Printed Shawl collection!

Lana Printed Shawl is an exclusive & limited collection where we produce it in limited quantities, as it wants to keep the collections exclusive. For the release of Lana Printed Shawl, we bring 22 different types of patterns to match with your outfits! Let's make your everyday appearance more special with exclusive shawls just from ALHUMAIRA!

Material : High Quality Pearl Chiffon.
Width : 69 cm est.
Height : 180 cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.