Isamaya in Dusty Apricot

Isamaya in Dusty Apricot

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Isamaya Semi-Instant Shawl is a newest collection from Alhumaira. Crafted from High Quality Pearl Chiffon fabric makes this semi-instant shawl comfortable, light and very flowy. The special thing about Isamaya Semi-Instant Shawl is that it has rubber band in the middle to make it easier & faster to style! So your styling will not be limited to just one style. With Isamaya Semi-Instant Shawl you can explore many different styles that you want. We bring you 30 color choices that would surely make your eyes have a hard time deciding. So do not miss the opportunity to have Isamaya Semi-Instant Shawl. For those of you who like to wear plain shawl but want to save time to wrap the shawl, this Isamaya Semi-Instant Shawl collection is definitely your best choice!

Material : High Quality Pearl Chiffon.
Face Opening : 180cm est.
Back Drape : 70cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.

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