GRACE in Golden Brown
GRACE in Golden Brown

GRACE in Golden Brown

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Introducing our new cotton shawl collection, Grace! If you are looking for something comfortable and easy to wear on a daily basis, Grace is the perfect choice. It is a long shawl made from high quality ribbed cotton fabric, easy to iron, stretchable, breathable, very soft and flowy. It is perfect for any hijab lady who wants a simple, fast & easy to wear shawl. Grace collection is very exclusive with the special texture on the fabric. With 25 exciting colors, it will definitely complement your everyday look! Comfort is the most important thing that us hijabis need. We bet Grace will be your new best friend! It’s easy and hassle free!
Material : Ribbed Cotton.
Width : 70 cm est.
Length : 180 cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.