Devore - DV 07

Devore - DV 07

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Devoré Square Scarf is the latest collection from Alhumaira. Devoré Square Scarf is made from Jacquard Satin Silk and definitely different from our previous square scarf we had before. The Jacquard Satin Silk is very high quality, soft, non-deafening and most importantly it is very easy to shape. We really understand those who like to wear square scarf, surely you want your scarf to be beautiful placed and neat all the time right? Therefore, we choose this fabric to make your styling easier and at the same time will make your
appearance look more stylish, captivating and comfortable to wear throughout the day! The Jacquard Satin Silk fabric we chose is very special as it has a unique texture that makes your look more luxurious & exclusive. For this collection, there are 10 color choices that will definitely catch your eyes. If you are still looking for a beautiful and comfortable square scarf, the Devoré Square Scarf is indeed a perfect choice for you from ALHUMAIRA!

Material : Jacquard Satin Silk.
Powder Pink.
Width : 115 cm est.
Length : 115 cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.

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