Deary - DRP 07

Deary - DRP 07

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Introducing another #SempurnaRaya2019 collection by ALHUMAIRA, Deary Premium Instant Shawl! Deary Premium Instant Shawl is a new instant shawl from Alhumaira exclusively for #SempurnaRaya2019. It’s a combination of long shawl with the inner. The shawl is made from Korean Chiffon fabric that is high
quality, easy to shape, soft and very flowy. The quality of the fabrics will give you comfort throughout the day. The inner is made from high quality Cotton Viscose which absorb sweat, cool, comfortable and it is really suitable with the weather in Malaysia. Deary Premium Instant Shawl is perfect for those of you
who like to explore with a variety of styles but have time constraints to get ready. With Deary Premium Instant Shawl your styling is not limited to just one style, you can still style it in different ways you want because this instant shawl is adjustable and can change according to the comfort and style of each
person. Every hijabista would definitely want a hijab that would make your raya style easier. For this collection, there are 7 color choices for you to match with your Raya outfit. So for those of you who like to wear plain shawl but want to save time to wrap the shawl, this Deary Premium Instant Shawl collection is definitely your best choice!


Material for Shawl : Korean Chiffon.
Material for Inner : Cotton Viscose
Orange Ice.
Shawl Length : 180cm est.
Shawl Width : 70cm est.
Inner : Free Size
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.







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