CEMPAKA in Biru Kalbu


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Remember the elegant collections of tablewares our grandmothers proudly own? Intricately detailed with heavenly motifs while enlaced with classic colour combinations that remains evergreen to this very day. The kind that are only brought out for special occasions and remain pristine still. Well, that is our Cempaka! Her beauty remains untouched with inarguable grace as she is painted with perennial combinations of tulips and magnolias. Created in pearl crepe chiffon material and exclusively comes in shawl as well as square scarf. Cempaka is available in 5 colours of delight, which wonderfully reminisces you of the good old days, with your grandmother’s perfectly sweet cup of tea.

CEMPAKA in Biru Kalbu - An elegant combination of dark and light colours, the deep blue base admirably gives light for the tender colours of the blossoming flowers. Adorning your bold side with such poise.

Material : Pearl Crepe Chiffon.

Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.