AUDRA in Hazelnut
AUDRA in Hazelnut
AUDRA in Hazelnut

AUDRA in Hazelnut

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The new in thing is in town and it's Audra! For someone who is looking for an on the go hijab with a slight edge to it, Audra is the one for you. Oh, it's definitely unlike any instant shawls you've had before. With you in mind, Audra is specially created to simultaneously save time and elevate that instant hijab style! In fact, we've put an added fold at the face opening just for extra versatility.

Made with cotton ribbed that is lightweight and breathable but drapes around just nicely. Audra comes in 24 perfect colours for the perfect you!

Material : Cotton Ribbed.
Face Size : 25cm est.
Front Length : 43cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.

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