Alain Printed in Blooming Taupe

Alain Printed in Blooming Taupe

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Alain Instant Printed is a new instant hijab from Alhumaira. Alain Instant Printed is made from High Quality Cotton Viscose. The quality of the fabric and its seam is the best, comfortable, cooling and effortlessly flowy. Every hijabista would definitely want a hijab that would make everyday style easier. With Alain Instant Printed, it will definitely give new experience to all of you. Surely Alain Instant Printed will definitely enhance your appearance for daily activities. There are 14 different prints that would surely make your eyes have a hard time deciding. So do not miss the opportunity to have Alain Instant Printed. Of course your daily style will be easier and perfect with Alain Instant Printed from Alhumaira!


Material : High Quality Cotton Viscose
Face Opening : 25cm est.
Back Drape : 63cm est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Wash separately.