ACTIVE HIJAB in Electric Blue

ACTIVE HIJAB in Electric Blue

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Active Hijab is the first collection of exclusive hijab sports from Alhumaira.
Alhumaira Active Hijab is produced for those who are active in sports. This is a must-buy scarf for your sports activities with your family and friends.

The selection of fabrics for your active lifestyle is very important for every individual. Alhumaira Active Hijab are crafted from High Quality Textured Spandex fabric, lightweight, four way stretch, breathable, fast dry, cool and very comfortable. At the front and back of this Active Hijab, we placed the Alhumaira brand with a reflective effect that will shine brighter when exposed to light reflection. Whether you're doing night or morning sports activities, the reflective effect on Alhumaira's brand will still stand out. Alhumaira offer six
varieties of colours that are suitable to mix and match with your sportswear.

The texture in Active Hijab fabric gives you the freedom to move actively because it does not slip over the skin and certainly provides maximum satisfaction. You will definitely fall in love with Alhumaira Active Hijab!
Material : High Quality Textured Spandex.
One size fits all.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable

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